Friday, May 11, 2007

Fishers of Fish

Fishers of fish sometimes make good fishers of men. Well, at least perhaps there is some fishing knowledge worth thinking about in cathching men. The fish are biting today and that gets me thinking.

I have a little spot I check often. On the way to work, or the way home, I stop off and fish. Sometimes for only five minutes. But in five mintues I can know if the fish are biting, or not. If I stayed longer, I could probably catch a fish or two but I like catching fish in quantity and do not like to fish for hours with little success. But that does not mean the times when I do catch a lot of fish are times of small investment. I've done my work ahead of time, watching for right conditions to develop.

I know where the fish are. I know when they are hitting. And when they hit, I know how to hook them. But, the fish are not always there and they are not always biting.

There are some corollaries here for fishing for men. Men are pre-disposed to bite. At some point, given the right convergence of circumstances, they will be interested in the presentation. And while presentation is important, if the bite is on, even a bad presentation will produce consistent results.

I think we should look for hungry men. This hunger is displayed in many different ways. Questions, uncertainty, trials, all are an indication that a man may be growing hungry. Then, make a good presentation. Speak the truth in love. If God has prepared the soil of the heart, the plant will grow. If God has heated up the water, then the fish are going to light up. But the control of all the elements is up to God.

So, look for good conditions. And when you see them, cast your bread, or in my case, pumpkinseed salamander, on the water and expect a good bite.

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