Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Communion Mediation-King Jesus

We celebrate many things at the Lord’s Table. It is a table of communication, conversation and communion between us and the Lord.

Here we renew covenant vows. One of the central commitments that we have made is to be submissive to the Lord. He is king. We are subjects. And He is more than just the kind of King that you try to get around obeying. In many kingdoms, the ruling authority are seen as the them, the people are the us. Thus, it is easy to have the mindset that the ruling authorities are not us. We have to get around them and to do so does not a cause a problem with our conscience. Because the authorities are them and not us, we do not have a problem avoiding them or even disobeying them. Some of this is okay, depending on who the authority is. Is it the federal government, public education, theologians, academics, philosophers? We have to figure this all out in real time.

But at the table, we come to submit ourselves to the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the ultimate and infallible authority. He is an absolute ruler but His rule over all is directly to our benefit. He loves us dearly and treats us accordingly. Thus, it would be the utmost affront for us to circumvent His rule. We ought to gladly submit to every aspect of His monarchy. We say this here in this meal. So, do not keep secrets from this King. Do not subvert His rule, disobey His ambassadors or disregard His written law. Do not go around His rule but come to Him in humility and homage. For in submitting to His rule is the promise of blessing and life eternal.

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