Monday, March 26, 2007

Running for Your Life-Part 6

Are these events artifices of life? Or are they, rather, snapshots of life? This is living and for many young men and women, the difference between life and death. Even as I pen these words, some of the magic of those days returns to me. So does the disappointment and the pain. By the grace of God, from these sports moments and others like them, I have learned more about living, than from any other single circumstance, event, or person.

That may seem strange to you if you are being raised in true wisdom, with godly and wise parents, in a good church, with many faithful teachers. But for many of us, the athletic field was our best teacher. Coaches became mentors and the practical lessons they taught us were driven home daily in practice and more acutely on Friday nights.

Later in life, as I began to learn more about Scripture and living out the wisdom found there, I realized the immense reservoir of practical application that I had learned growing up playing football, baseball and running. The things that I learned there were not about being there, in a game. They were about being here, in real life.

Now we come full circle. This book is not about sports, per se. It is not about running. Not really. It is about living, learning, hurting, persevering and finishing. Anybody can start the race. Just show up. It takes a man to finish.

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Rebecca Hurt said...

I sign up for the first copy..
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Thank you.