Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Too Lazy To Confess

Once there was a son who forgot to clean his room. His mother reminded him. He asked her forgiveness and she gladly forgave him and he cleaned the room. But it happened again a few days later and his mother told him to clean his room. He reluctantly did so but he didn’t confess to her and then he reminded himself how busy he was with his school work and all of his other chores, both of them. He left off cleaing altogether unless he was specifically asked to do so. His mother eventually stopped asking.
         One day in the middle of an important video war to kill his arch-nemesis, Zula Girl, he thought he heard his mother call to him but was not quite sure since the voice sounded so far away. He did not respond as he pulled yet another jacket over his head and he did not stop playing his video game, either.

         His wise mother decided to leave him to himself. About a week later she checked his room but it was piled with clothes and leftover candy wrappers almost up to the ceiling. She shrugged her shoulders and closed the door. She never saw him leave the room and is pretty sure he is in there, somewhere, but has never been seen since.

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