Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Communion Blessings

Are you happy about other people being blessed here? This is one big reason why we do not view or practice communion as a private moment. Of course, if you know and trust Jesus, you are personally blessed. That is great. Thank God for that blessing and seek to get as much of His blessing as you can.
         But can you really enter into the blessing of others? This is one place to see it. We know about a lot of sin, a lot of struggles, many bumps and bruises through the years among and with our brothers and sisters gathered here. 
         Are you looking at your brothers and sisters gathered here and thinking, “Oh, I am so glad things are good for you, now. I hope they get better and better.” I hope you are thinking that. And I hope they are thinking that about you and me. 
         God’s grace is revealed to us here in the love that He has given us towards one another. May that grace and peace continue to grow among us as we are thankful for His graciousness towards each of us personally and as we rejoice in His abundant blessing of each one gathered here with us.

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