Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exhortation- Simple Faith

Today is another blessed day in God’s Kingdom. We formally receive two new children into the Kingdom of God, trusting that God will be as faithful to them as He has been to us.

We also take a look at Psalm 128 which pronounces blessings on those that fear the Lord.

Our faith is not complex. It does not take a mastery of logic to figure it out. If you fear God, then you will be blessed. That blessing will flow to your wife and to your children and to their children.

Today is also my son’s eighteenth birthday. Happy Birthday Zach! And I must say that I have been deeply blessed by God in him. And by God’s grace, Zachary and my other children have been blessed by the fear of the Lord of their mother and father. We have believed God for them and God has been faithful to us to make them faithful to Him. Fear God and He will not disappoint you.

Take hold of God’s promises. Confess when you fail to believe them and when you fail in following His commands in the way you treat your wife or husband, children or parents. God is quick to forgive, cover over sins, return the years the locust has eaten and then grant you blessings. We earnestly desire God’s blessings and they start here in confession, repentance and forgiveness.

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