Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Swine Flu

Dr. Gordon Wilson sent me a link for information about the swine flu.


I can summarize it for you. There is a swine flu. You might get it. If you do, go to the doctor. Try not to get it. Wash your hands a lot, especially if you have to go or have gone to a place where swine flu has been reported.

If you get swine flu symptoms, you are contagious for seven days. Stay home. Drink lots of liquids, take some pain relief. You may want to take Tamiflu or Relenza if you are diagnosed early enough.

Also, I might add a couple things. There is a large scare on this and the Executive Branch is helping to push the scare. They like crises. It helps them push an agenda. So, remember to trust the Lord in this and not react to these things as if they were a crisis.

Make sure you love your neighbors. It would be good to have a heightened sense of awareness of sickness over the next several months. If you or your children have flu symptoms, please keep them home from church and school. Pray that the Lord spares us from any dramatic, debilitating effects of this virus. If you think you caught a cold or flu from another person (which you will have if you do), especially another person from your church, then do not hold it against them. It could have been you giving it to them. Love and forgive. Treat them as you would have them treat you.

These sorts of things are a judgment and a scourge but they are also an opportunity for the body of Christ to grow in grace, love and wisdom. It is part of our sanctification.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. The hype the media pushes on society is ridiculous. This is a flu. Its not the worst thing that we will face by far. If we react so fearfully to this which is not a crisis. How will we react to the crisis to come. People need to get things into perspective. How is your relationship with God? He is really there. The swine flu has been around for over a year. God has been here all along. Dont be distracted just because the media says you should be. Dont ignore God just because the media says He is not there.