Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not 18 Anymore

Okay, went skiing and was dramatically reminded that I am not 18 years old. The jumps were tempting me. So, I made a run, nice and slow, got a bit of air, like three feet dude! Then another run on the jumps and catching some real air. Went for a nice big spread eagle and hit it fine. Then, a little dipsy doodle, don't konw what it is called, drop the skis down a bit and back up and hit the landing. Then, I was feeling plucky and a bit crazed. Perhaps it was the sun, or the 65 degree temperatures. Oh, I know, it was all those young bucks going over the same jumps and only catching half the air. I was older but able to outdo them. I know, I know.

So, the next run I try a half daffy, one ski up, one ski back, lots of air and hit it solid. Now I'm flying over the jump, really, not sure how far or high but plenty of time to do simple tricks. Getting enough air to do a back flip but I was always afraid to do that. So, the next time down, and it really was my LAST time down for the day. Well, I had even planned it to be my last time down, even if it hadn't turned out the way it did.

So, on my last run on the last jump, I figured I'd get the most air and do a fairly easy trick. Swing the skis off to one side, the right, and back again for a landing, ski down to the lift, call it day and head down to the golf course for a few holes before heading home.

So, lots of speed, up the jump, and, whoosh, way higher than I expected, and zipped out of balance, skis to the right and "Woohoo!!", I whooped as I was very surprised and thinking things were not right.Down I came with skis still right, not perpendicular, that would have been worse, but about a 45 degree angle, which was bad enough. I had just made fun of a snowboarder attempting a 180, that only did a 90. 90's don't work to well. Guess what? 45's don't either.

Down I came with skis at 45 degrees, left knee buckled and I heard? felt? a lot of yucky sounding crunching noises. I yelled in pain for about 30 seconds and lay in the snow like an old dog too tired to rise to say hello. I figured it was pretty bad. My first thought was that my leg snapped, broken. Then, when the pain subsided a bit, I was thinking torn ligaments. My daughter skiied down to the lift, called the ski patrol and they carted me off the mountain. Oh, and did I mention that the jump was right below the ski lift? Humiliation! Pride goeth before a fall.

I was thinking, very expensive ski trip. As it turns out, may not be too bad. Went to the doc, x-rays, nothing broken. He stress tets the knee, thinks ligaments are intact. Bad sprain, knee imobilizer, pain pills, and ice. Oh, and slightly separated left shoulder. Right knee tweaked, right shoulder tweaked and left elbow bruised. Wondering what other ailments I'll feel today.

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