Thursday, April 10, 2008

Proverbia-Virgil's proverbs

It's been a while since I last posted. That is because the Hurt's have been going through a severe trial, again, and this has led to a subsistence mentality. Perhaps I will share the details with you sometime soon. However, I prefer to be living on the sunny side of life before I reveal to you my gloom. In the mean time, I do appreciate your prayers for my family and particularly for my wife, Katie.

It is my intent to preach through the book of Ecclesiastes sometime soon. I just finished a series on the Lord's Prayer which you can listen to here. Ecclesiastes is a life-changing and church-changing book. I think our church is ready for it. However, I would like our family to be on the hopeful side of our futility before I bring that great theme of Ecclesiastes to our congregation.

My excursus through Proverbs has my brain doing funny things. Many proverbs are running through my head. I hope to post one of these original proverbs each day for the next thirty days. A proverb a day, keeps the blog hits, alway. I know, that's lame. But the proverbs I have in mind to post are from the crucible of suffering. I hope you will find them beneficial.

The next post in this topic will be Virgil's Proverbs #1.

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