Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joyful Home-Part 6

My wife and I are indebted to many for helping us acquire the resources to raise godly and joyful children. The Scriptures have been our greatest asset, of course. We endeavor to raise children that not only behave well but also love the Lord with all their hearts and His Word as their light.

We are greatly indebted to Douglas and Nancy Wilson. Doug was my pastor in Idaho before we moved to Virginia. His many books, practical knowledge, wisdom and present example as a husband and a father, taught me much about how to live. My wife can say the same about Nancy. I highly recommend all of their books to you.

Much of what I am saying here is my version of what Doug and Nancy have already said in many places. I hope my version of things will be a contribution to the Great Conversation.

In addition to the Scriptures and the Wilsons, we have been blessed by the examples of many godly families as we have raised our children. This has become a rarity these days. When we lived in Moscow, there were literally many dozens of families who were doing an excellent job in their homes and families and were ahead of us in the process. We got to watch and learn.

Incidentally, I want to say a word about learning. Books are great. Vision is better. Notice things. Watch. File away. Yes, we like that. No, we do not want to do it that way. Notice children that really impress you and then get to know their parents. Ask questions. Many Christians are too prideful to admit that they do not know what they are doing in raising children. Don’t be like this. Most of you were probably not raised very well. I wasn’t. I had to learn everything. That is not shameful. The shame is having the opportunity to learn from godly examples and then NOT doing so.


Rick said...

We wait in suspense for our next installment.

Rogers Meredith said...

Hi Virgil,
I happened to notice your blog when I checked out your churc website linked from the CREC's.
Good stuff!