Friday, August 18, 2006

Exhortation-Trust and Obey

Many set out on a journey only to be dismayed along the way. Setting out is not the same as finishing. Have you ever seen a small child of three or four years old determine to go to the store? Or on some brave adventure to South America? If he is old enough to imagine some danger to himself, his leaving is very interesting. He may go without a care in the world, not even taking the time to look and see if his mother or father is watching, following, protecting. If he goes without wanting father or mother there, he is a foolish child, courting danger.

If he is a wise child, aware of danger and of his own small frame, he will keep looking back for the following safety and hurry home if his father is not there. But what if father is following, perhaps at a safe distance? But one in which both father and son are aware. What then? He must go, in faith, because the father is with him.

We are like these children. Sometimes we set off on our life journeys without a care in the world. We do not care what the Bible says. We have a plan in our mind and we are going to carry it out, even if we are not sure that to do so will bring the Father glory. So, off we go, tripping along like a three-year old heading to South America. Is it any wonder we find ourselves lost? Or in needless peril?

Or we start off on our journey only to find the way difficult. Although we know it is the right way and that the Father is with us, we complain and whine about the difficulty and strongly desire to turn back. But the Father is with us and encouraging us to continue on. We must go on because it is the Father’s will.

But there is a third and better way. We go on, not foolishly and blindly, without the Father, not complaining and grumbling with the Father, but rather, boldly, knowing that it is the Lord who is with us. With this knowledge, we can face the real dangers. We will persevere through many difficulties and we will not turn back. May the Lord make us wise in our travels and fearless at His side.

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