Sunday, December 18, 2005

Communion Thoughts-Good Shepherd

The Shepherds were keeping watch over the sheep in the fields by night. They were diligent by day and through the night. They were faithful to their master so that they would not lose even one sheep. Gabriel appeared to these shepherds to announce the coming of the Great Chief Shepherd, one who is ever faithful to all that His Father calls Him to do. He has been given charge of the sheep and of them He shall lose none.

We often emphasize the truth that if you do not stay in Christ then you are not in Christ. If you do not remain with Him until the last day, you will not receive the good rewards of the last day. And this is most true. But for some, particularly those weak of faith, or in a place of doubt or a season of trial, battered and bruised reeds, these words bring doubt and fear. How do I know if I will remain until the last day? Will I be able to hang on to Jesus that long?

You need to hear the parable of the Good Shepherd. It is not you that hang on to Him but He that holds you. The Lord knows His sheep, calls them all by name and leads them. They know their Shepherd and follow Him.

How can you know if you will be His sheep at the last day? Are you His sheep now? If you are His sheep now, then you will be His sheep then. Do you love His appearing? Do you long to hear His voice? Are you in need of His kindness and protection? Then take heart, no one, no man, no wolf, no false shepherd, no devil, can take you from the Chief Shepherd’s hand. Remain in His flock. Stay in His fold. Eat in His pasture. Drink from His well and be at peace.

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