Saturday, August 13, 2005

Believe God-Communion Thoughts

It is important that we understand what is going on in this meal. God is telling us something that we must get hold of. He is telling us that we are His guests and friends at His table.

There are some of you who think that you are not fit to be here. You struggle with sin, confidence before God, depression, doubt, fear or many other such maladies. Given the rather complex state of our fallen minds, this is no wonder. We have to do a lot of self-talk to convince ourselves that what is happening is really happening. We really are here in God’s house. We really are seated at His table. We really are invited to eat. We really are welcome.

There is a tendency with the more tender saints, and sometimes the more immature saints, to think of themselves as unworthy of all this. But that is the great laugh to those of us who have figured this out. Of course you are unworthy. All who gather here are unworthy. That is what makes the meal so fabulously glorious. The issue is not whether you are worthy to be here but whether you believe God? It is not your estimation of the situation but His this is important. He says come. He says eat. He says enjoy the intimate fellowship of His Son and all His Son’s friends.

Put away all your brooding thoughts for five minutes. Quit looking at yourself for two seconds. Look at the bread. It is given to you, for you. Look at the wine. It is a gift to make your heart glad. You think, “But if He only knew me, He wouldn’t give me this food and drink.” But I say, “He does know you. And because He does know You, He has given you this food and drink.”

These other smiling saints know the joke. They are at a table far above their deserts and expectations. They know that God knows them and they do not shrink from His presence but run into His presence. Our Father delights in His children. So, let us eat and drink, rejoice and give thanks. For God is good.

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