Thursday, July 08, 2004

Proverbs 8

Wisdom is not silent. Many Christians act as if they do not know how to live in this modern world. They are as confused as the culture around them. But that is not the fault of wisdom. She cries out and the righteous hear and answer. This current confusion in the Church and in our culture at large is proof that men will not hear. Wisdom can be found. It is found in the Scriptures. It is found in wise men. It is found in the Church. However, the simple love folly. They ask but with closed ears. Wisdom tells us to hear instruction and be wise and refuse it not. Some Christians even ask for counsel but in pretence. Their minds are already made up. They are not hearers of the Word but judges of it. They refuse to listen because their own sinful ways are what really matters to them. They seek to justify themselves by claiming to have asked of wisdom. They lay claim to Christ, they lay claim to the Church, they read the teachings of wise men, but they do not do what they hear. They have not really learned wisdom. They may be able to mimic wisdom or pass a theology exam but they prove who their god is when they continually choose their own ways and not the way of Wisdom. So, listen and heed. Wisdom is not silent.

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